• Kristina Bergsten

Are you a pet sitter? You might fall under PACFA

If you dog sit at your house, or breed dogs at your house, you might need a license under PACFA (the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act).

If you transport dogs for purposes of dog sitting from your customer’s home to your home, you likely need a pet transport license and/or a pet handler’s license under PACFA.

If you breed dogs or cats at your home, you need a breeder’s license under PACFA if you have more than 2 litters of puppies in a 12 month period.

Some counties and/or local municipalities may have stricter requirements than the State PACFA law, so be sure to check your local ordinances to make sure you are in compliance.

Violations of PACFA could result in heavy fines and the loss of the ability to breed pets or pet sit! Check the following link to fill out your PACFA application and save yourself headaches in the future!