• Kristina Bergsten

I just got arrested - what's my bond?

If you have just been arrested and you actually get that one phone call you hear so much about, you want to be able to communicate to your family and friends what your bond is and when and where it can be posted. 

If you live in Denver, click on this link:

If your name shows up, it will list your name, birth date, address, booking date and time, etc. It will also give an inmate number. If the number has a "T" in front of it, that person is not bondable. The "T" stands for Temporary and it means that the person has not been uploaded into the police department's inmate database, yet. Once the "T" disappears, the person is bondable. 

The inmate search will also list the charges the person has and what the bond for each charge is. If you pay in cash to the police station, you will pay the full amount for each bond. If the person appears for all of his/her court dates, the money will be returned to the arrested person, unless you give a different address to return the money to. This will require you to provide an ID to pay the bond. 

If you choose to use a bondsman, you will pay 15% of the amount of each bond to the bondsman, plus any fees charged by the detention facility/police department. 

Again, if you live outside of Denver, running a Google "inmate search" in the county you live in will return results that show the charges and amount of bond (if any) for the person whose name is returned in the results. 

Once you are out on bond, it is important to show up for any and all court dates so you do not get a Failure to Appear (FTA) charge and a bench warrant issued.