• Kristina Bergsten

Partition - Solomon's law to "split" a Dog!

Partition is an old legal property doctrine used to split up property between unmarried persons. This could be romantic partners who break up, siblings, parents and children, or friends who decide to part ways. No matter the relationship, property is always involved.

Colorado law allows unmarried persons to separate their interests in property without physically dividing up the property. Which is good news for the dog!

Basically, partition requires an "accounting" of all expenses incurred for the maintenance and care of the dog over the course of the dog's life to determine how much "equity" there is in the dog. When both parties add up their total dollars spent on the pooch, the court will determine who has the most equity in the dog and therefore can keep the dog by buying out the other person's interest, or "equity." Crazy, right?

It's not as crazy as it sounds, and it allows dog owners who never had any ownership paperwork from the dog purchase to figure out who should rightfully own the dog under principles of equity (or, fairness).

Of course, this is a tricky bit of law and should only be left to experienced animal attorneys. So call us today to find out how we can help you keep your pup!